“Records” 12/03/2009 – 25/04/2009

On Thursday March 12th at 8 in the evening, Maria Dimitriadi opens at the Medusa Art Gallery the exhibition of the latest work of Stergios Stamos entitled “Records” at the Medusa Art Gallery.

The exhibition entitled “Records” presents 6 main works of art possessed by the same principles. One can see installations, floor works, big wall compositions and independent works.

The works are characterized by their intelligible, conceptual frame, their artistic ability as well as their structural perfectness. The form submits to attributing concept based on citing texts and using light intensively. The texts which are inscribed to be read, are emblematic, philosophical, religious related, literary or manuscripts by ordinary people. They are interesting in both a sociological and political manner.

The big floor work bears the figure of the cross and of the crescent confronting texts from the Apocalypse and the Koran respectively. The neon work entitled “The way to the artist’s home” refers to a dream street, a street of questioning and creation. The draft is also exhibited.

Texts-certificates of loyalty dated 1952-1953- in a framework of employment- coexist with manuscripts in the form of papyrus on the wall work. There are photos of these people and a light above each one serving as memorial. There is the medical shelf with bottles of serum bearing Japanese poems, where the artist refers to the joy of life and existential issues in relation to life itself. Finally the “Bench” refers to love, to Romeo and Juliet, bearing a leading dialogue by Shakespeare on the neon rods which constitute the bench.

Text and light in the service of the form strengthen the concept and are used by Stergios Stamos to create simple, minimalist, aesthetic creations in an intense existential, conceptual frame.

Stergios Stamos was born in 1964, studied at the School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki at V. Dimitreas’s workshop (1984-1989). He lives and works in Trikala. His work has been presented in more than 10 solo exhibitions as well as in many group ones.

Duration of the exhibition: March 12th –April 25th 2009

Opening hours: 11:00 – 14:00 & 18:30 – 21:30