“Sculpture” , 15/01/2004 – 13/02/2004

On Thursday, 15 January 2004 at 8.00pm Maria Dimitriadi presents the latest work of Nakis Tastsioglou.

For this exhibition Nakis Tastsioglou has created large-scale sculptures using three different materials —Plexiglas, iron and light.
The main material itself (Plexiglas), which the artist has been using since 1980, magnetises the fleeting images of the reflections and incessantly records the journey of light and shade in the surrounding space. His compositions —sharp, subtle, serene, austere but also intensely forceful— combine the linear austerity of a perfectionist structure with the poetry and sensibility of transparency, which is changeable and evanescent by nature. The works engage in a game of visual transformations, generating allusions to existence and non-existence, matter and immateriality, being and non-being.