“The Thread” 29/04/2009 – 30/05/2009

On Thursday 29 April, at 8 in the evening, Maria Demetriades opens the exhibition of the latest works by Lina Bebi, under the general title “The Thread”, at the Medusa Art Gallery.
The artist’s sixth solo exhibition at the Medusa constitutes an allusion to personal memory as our sole connection to the past, and to the creative process itself.
The works comprise a series of drawings with pencil on paper and large-size constructions made of cut paper. Their common theme is lace, and their shared characteristic the intensely ‘handicraft’ approach as it is reflected in the exhaustive attention to detail.
Lace as a theme has been in Lina Bebi’s mind since her last solo exhibition. It started when the artist inherited a large number of laces and other handiwork, which she processed digitally to use as the basis for the drawings. In the drawings the thread of the lace is replaced by the line which unfolds in space in an attempt to delineate the void.
In this new body of work, Lina Bebi treats lace as a symbol with a twofold meaning and conflicting qualities: it turns from a symbol of femininity to one of obsession and stagnation. At the same time, however, lace becomes a plexus which promotes structuring and self-definition while functioning also as a means of expression and communication.

Duration of the exhibition: 29 April – 30 May 2009