Egg’s Encomium , 26/1/2006 – 11/3/2006

Egg’s Encomium
“Eugenia Apostolou, Vivien Dimitrakopoulou, Marigo Kassi,
Barbara Mavrakaki, Lina Bebi, Stella Mimikou, Vally Nomidou,
Marianna Strapatsaki, Youla Hatzigeorgiou”
Curator: Maria Marangou

26 January – 4 March 2006

For two years now the Medusa Art Gallery has established the practice of organising exhibitions in collaboration with curators. Each year a different curator is invited to propose a specific subject and specific artists and present an exhibition.
The exhibition curator for 2006 is Maria Marangou, and the exhibition ‘Egg’s Encomium’ will be opened by Maria Demetriades on Thursday 26 January at 8.00 in the evening.
An exhibition about the precarious balance of the egg as the beginning of life, about death and about a humorous approach to the social environment of the hen –an otherwise intelligent bird with a bad destiny– opens on January 26.
In Egg’s Encomium Maria Marangou asks of nine women artists to examine issues of praise and lamentation, issues of production and style, the living conditions of hens and the female aspect of their role. The exhibition becomes topical as the planet is tragically threatened by bird flu.

An exhibition which has as its thematic axis the egg –a most common food and the origin of life– is certainly not organised to support the principles of a formalistic approach. Let us make it clear from the start that we break no new ground as regards the ovoid form: this was ruled out from the outset. What is it we do, then? As with every exhibition which does not historically exhaust its subject, we only aspire to examine some curiosities of ours – and yours, hopefully.
Our own involvement with the egg begins in the post-Courbet era, when the question of the origin of life has been exhausted, when we are not in the least interested about whether the fried eggs in some historical work were cooked in oil or butter, when the photograph of an egg in a cookery album triggers our gluttony like nothing else.
What does the beginning of life mean to a contemporary artist?
Then there are the various colloquial expressions in the Greek language, such as avgatisma [augment] which points to our financial insecurity, ‘sitting on one’s eggs’ which denotes the complacency of the uninvolved or the ‘golden egg’ which we expect our artists to lay for us.
The exhibition ‘Egg’s Encomium’ involves only women, not because it is women who give birth but because women have endured, voluntarily or otherwise, the role of hen which, as we all know, is an intelligent bird with a bad destiny.

Duration : 26 January – 4 March 2006