Sculpture, 04/03/1987 – 14/03/1987

The exhibition of sculptures by Nakis Tastsioglou opens at the Medusa Gallery on Wednesday, 4 March.
In this exhibition Nakis Tastsioglou presents works made of Plexiglas.

The transparent sculptures of Nakis Tastsioglou are illuminated and charged by their surroundings in many ways and colours, providing the viewer with multiple stimuli and interpretations.
Geometrical order, harmony and simplicity are the prevailing traits of this set of works.

The transverse placing of corridors (tubes) along the sides of the levels form various angles and twists which add an expressive charge to the hard, realistic surfaces of the works.
Nakis Tastsioglou studied at the School of Fine Arts of Florence. He has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and Europe. He has also presented collective projects in the fields of sculpture, environments, actions and video.

Duration of the exhibition: 4 to 24 March, 1987.