Sculpture, 15/04/1991 – 11/05/1991

On Monday, 15 April 1991, the new exhibition of Nakis Tastsioglou opens at the Medusa Art Gallery.
In this exhibition Nakis Tastsioglou presents five sculptural boxes measuring 70x70cm and 2m high, with one open side so that viewers can walk in.
Made entirely of Plexiglas, the boxes carry on one of their walls the geometric patterns formed by transparent tubes which lead from the inside out so as to introduce the external reality into the mythical and safe world that surrounds and encloses the active viewer.
Light falls upon the boxes in ever-changing tones, just like the reflections from the surrounding space. Transparency, clarity and austerity prevail.

Nakis Tastsioglou studied at the School of Fine Arts in Florence under professor C. Severa. He graduated in 1979.

1981 “Environment”, Sculpture , ORA Gallery, Athens
1982 “12th Youth Biennale” Paris, France
1982 “Maison de la Grèce”, Paris, France (curator Emmanuel Mavrommatis)
1983 Jeunes Artistes Grecques, School of Fine Arts, Saint-Etienne, France (curator Emmanuel Mavrommatis)
1983 4th Biennale of Sculpture, Skyronion Museum, Greece
1983 Sculpture, French Institute, Athens, Greece
1985 5th International Biennale of Sculpture, Skyronion Museum, Greece
1985 Sculpture, Parko Eleftherias, Athens Cultural City of Europe
1988 Expo–Arte Gallery Artista, Bari, Italy (curator Giuliano Serafini)
1988 “Gapua direzione sud est”, Museum Provinciale Gampano Gapua, Naples, Italy
1989 “Art without Forntiers”, Ileana Tounta Centre for Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece (curator Manthos Santorineos)
1989 “Sculptural–Plastic Transformations”, Dromena 89, Korai pedestrian zone, Athens (curator Yannis Kolokotronis)
1990 Solo sculpture exhibition, Gallery T. K. G., Trieste, Italy

Duration of the exhibition: 15 April – 11 May 1991