Sculpture, 25/12/1999 – 15/ 01/2000

As a present for its twenty years, Medusa gets entirely new premises; a new exhibition area, a space with jewellery and objects by its associate artists, with gifts and utility objects, and an area dedicated to works by its associates.

On Thursday, 25 November at 8:00 in the evening, Maria Demetriades presents the latest work of Nakis Tastsioglou in the new exhibition space of Medusa.
For this exhibition, Nakis Tastsioglou has created three sculptures: three pillars—with all of the subject’s associations, emotional charge and conceptual content—which stand out for their pronounced formalistic interest. Although solid and tangible, they create an intangible, ethereal impression due to the translucence of the material (Plexiglas). The transparency of the material, in full harmony with the simple and austere lines of the sculpture, conspires creatively with light to mould impeccable forms which in turn make up a uniform whole (installation).

Nakis Tastsioglou has shown his work at Medusa several times in the past. 1987 – presented small Plexiglas sculptures with geometric order, harmony and simplicity as their main attributes; 1991 – presentation of large-scale works in which the notion of measure was more evident than ever before. 1994 – successfully attempts an artistic reworking of the interior of Medusa+1, with four sculptures-gates. 1996 – presentation of a sculpture measuring 600 x 350 x 1.50cm which unfolds on the gallery floor; the artist had participated with this work in the XLVI Biennale of Venice in 1995.

Duration of the exhibition: 25 November 1999 – 15 January 2000