imPRESSions, 19/10./2006 –18/11/2006

On Thursday, October 19 at 8 p.m. Maria Dimitriadi opens the exhibition of the new work of Anton at the Medusa Art Gallery.

Organised in collaboration with the Hellenic Centre for Photography (HCP), the exhibition forms part of the 13th Month of Photography; it is the first time that “Medusa” takes part in this annual event.
“Photographs are the only way of moving through the world in silence” Cartier Bresson.
The photographic act, the framing and the model create an island of silence in the world.
The image obliterates the meaning and exerts a kind of purification and abstraction that captures the silence of the subject in order to reach the secret of the object.
In the latest photographic work of ΑΝΤΟΝ the landscape is correlated with the nude female bodies.
The landscape as a cast of the artist’s portrait.
The body, the mysterious invitation to love, the obscure object of the desire of unknown lovers but also of great art.
The image –variable, in an internal shape– generates silence and employs technique rather than technology, in a limited, rigorously controlled way.

The black-and-white photograph (printing method: gelatine silver bromide on neutral paper) is drawn to the timeless and the indefinite.
Landscapes and nudes, “in the middle of nowhere” yet present all the same..

The visual artist ΑΝΤΟΝ (Antonis Nikoglou) lives and works in Paris since 1967. He has worked on almost all aspects of contemporary art – design, performance, installations, painting.
He practises photography since 1970, processing his prints to generate a sense of a painterly texture which alters the image.
It is this highly personal ‘distorted’ realism that characterises the artist’s work.