Paintings – 14/03/2013 – 18/05/2013

On Thursday, 14 March, 2013, at 8 p.m., Maria Demetriades is presenting Dora Pulmann’s solo exhibition, a painter of distinction and importance.

This is the sixth in a row solo exhibition by this notable and engrossing artist, who has twelve group exhibitions to her credit.
In her present work, created in the last two years in charcoal and acrylic on linen, Pulmann, true to her vision which her inner being always manages to enhance, as Dora Iliopoulou Rogan writes, reaches the acme of perfection. In her signal latest works, the personal idioms of the artist ― who has worthily won the high esteem of her teacher, Yánnis Móralis ― through their thematic rhythm and compositional vibration, sweep to good effect the visitor into the “ever-flowing” motion they evoke in space, all round. A motion, which orchestrated via innumerable inspirational solutions, multiplies ingeniously the perusal of one and the same work, at the same time revealing its poetic “dimension”. In an always inventive watershed between what is natural and what metaphysical, between material tangibility and spiritual intangibility, Pulmann puts forth the rhythms of cosmogony.
In fact, as the very “Idea” of motion has been deciphered here along with the rhythm identified with it, Pulmann’s oeuvres tally with the Platonic definition of art: that is, in order to be authentic it is obliged to contain an idea and not constitute an imitation.
By relentlessly and ardently cultivating the application of this very idea, Pulmann secures in time her charismatic painterly as well as poetic idiom.

Duration: 14 March – 18 May, 2013.