Paintings, 17/03/1997 – 19/04/1997

On Monday, 17 March at 8.00 p.m., Maria Dimitriadi presents the latest work of painter Dora Pulmann at the Medusa Art Gallery.

The paintings on show constitute an attempt to unite life and death —two opposing spheres of expression— into a single thing. In her works the artist tries to transform the absurdity of existence into the beautiful sheen of the inner world, of imagination, making life more tolerable. It is that “sublime” thing that tames the horrible through art (Nietzsche).

Through her own analysis and deeper insight, Dora Pulmann proposes, suggests the eternal essence of existence, and her symbolism metaphorically expresses the original relationship between the object itself and its appearance.

She uses acrylic, charcoal and bright ink to render on canvas the thoughts and passions which have gone through the ethereal prism of art. In her painting, instinct serves as a positive, creative force.

There is also the passage through every birth and beginning towards the light and joy of living, with a kind disposition towards this greatest of gifts, the magnificence of life.

Duration: 17 March – 19 April 1997