Paintings, 21/03/1994 – 16/04/1994

On Monday, 21 March at 8.00 p.m., Maria Dimitriadi presents the latest work of painter Dora Pulmann at the Medusa Art Gallery.

The large-size paintings on show attest to her training under the great painter and teacher Yannis Moralis, albeit solely in terms of her genuine appreciation of the values of art. For through the dark colours of the surface of her works Dora Pulmann allows some vague shapes to be seen, formed by thin luminous lines, brought to life by patches of vivid colour which create a dreamlike atmosphere. It is in there that memories can be reproduced, visions can be brought to life and contradictory concepts can be suggested; a place where the imagination can be let loose in a game of endless interpretations as well as reminiscences. Most importantly, however, is that as the painter is based on pure painting which builds an ‘edifice’ for itself, her work instantly attracts and fascinates, generating spontaneous ideas and emotions.

Duration: 21 March – 16 April 1994