Ioulia Ventikou – “Sea Bottom” – 14/06/13 – 30/06/14

Ioulia Ventikou
Sea Bottom
Medusa Art Gallery @ Fotis Art Café

After 9 years of exhibitions-installations on the premises of Fotis Mellios in Naoussa, Paros, on Friday, June 14 opened the exhibition of Ioulia Ventikou.

“Light and shade, white and black, drawing and rhythm are the characteristics of the visual idiom of Ioulia Ventikou.


The title of the works on show at the Fotis Art Café is Sea Bottom.
Motifs of the incessant motion of water as it registers on the sand, and the play of light upon it, make up the background of these works. Little sea creatures, solitary or in small groups, glide casually among images and shapes.
Viewers seem to participate unseen, watching all this from some elevated position. Their gaze is directed from the surface to the bottom, following the quest of Ioulia Ventikou as she traces the wondrous, deeper reality of an entire world that exists and perpetually reproduces itself under its own laws.”

Fotis Art Café
Duration of the exhibition: 14 June 2013 – 30 May 2014
Aghios Dimitris-Boukadoura, Naoussa, Paros; tel. no.: 6970339326
Opening hours: 10:00 am – 03:00 am