Cuckoo, 08/05.2008 – 07/06/ 2008

On Thursday 8 May at 8 in the evening, Maria Demetriades opens the exhibition of the latest work of Panayotis Linardakis.

“In our days globalisation sounds the alarm in the artist’s studio. If his brush emits sharp cries, it is inevitably painful for us, too. There is no marble that has not been desecrated, no grass that has not been trampled, no lamb that has not been led to the slaughter. Unlike what is claimed in some scripts, the end of the world is not a momentary process. Munch’s cry may keep playing in repeat mode without reaching our ears; the sword of Damocles may hover eternally above our heads without deciding to cut them off; snakes in fluo colours may keep eating the innards of Liberty without ever reaching her heart. This Armageddon is playing a cruel game with our patience and our nerves, and one cuckoo, as we all know, does not make Spring – or serenity”.

Eleni Pyrgioti

Panayotis Linardakis studied an eclectic mix of painting, sculpture, photography and drawing in Paris between 1978 and 1982.

Medusa 1999 – Domestic Farm
Medusa 2003 – Flowers
Medusa 2008 – Cuckoo

Duration of the exhibition: 8 May – 7 June 2008