Costa Lefkochir , 10/11/2005 – 14/01/2006

On Thursday, November 10 at 8 p.m. Maria Dimitriadi opens the exhibition of the latest works of Costa Lefkochir at the Medusa Art Gallery.

“Far from a purified or conceptual aesthetic, Lefkochir seeks to stimulate the senses and resorts to provide traces which point to a reference, to a reality of which the painting is a reflection. It is something like a whitewashed wall in the Mediterranean tradition, which never fully hides the marks of the past but allows the depth of history to show through its spots. The painter fills his works with wounds, with faint or luminous scars as fields which call on us to think.”
Luc Dechamps (excerpt)
Echo de la bourse, 13.12.2003, ‘Exception’ supplement

“I love white for the purity it exudes, for its transparency and its allusion to eternity.
I apply multiple layers of white on the surface of the work. But why do I feel so attracted to this colour?
Looking back over the past, I can see my mother whitewashing the time-worn walls of the house.
Coat after coat, lime soothes the marks of the years; aided by the material, the ravaged surface shows a new face, all white and bright.”

Costas Lefkochir
Costa Lefkochir : 25 ans de peinture et de rencontres, Editions J. Bastien-Art

Duration: 10 November 2005 – 14 January 2006