“Two X “ – Marigo Kassi – 12/11/2010 – 16/01/2011

“Two X”
Marigo Kassi
12 November 2009 – 16 January 2010

On Thursday 12 November at 8 in the evening, Maria Dimitriadi opens the exhibition of the latest works by Marigo Kassi, under the title “Two X”.

In this her thirteenth solo exhibition the artist presents an installation of 18 small cabinets. Each cabinet conceals –or, rather, sheds light on– a story. The stories are based on true life experiences which eighteen women shared with Marigo Kassi, who used them as the starting point for her own path of interpretation. Small or great experiences, significant or trivial, with the specific gravity that memory chooses to ascribe to them.
Marigo Kassi reads each story in a different way, searching for the deeper emotions and filtering them through her own sentiments and experiences.
Mixed-media works using wood, paper, light and sound; artworks/toys which unlock the memory as it stakes its own claim in the present time.
Marigo Kassi studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts and in Paris. In 1989 she received a three-year grant from the Greek Government for postgraduate studies in painting.
She has had 13 solo exhibitions and has taken part in many major group shoes in Greece and abroad.
Since 1988 she teaches painting at Vakalo Art and Design .
In the last three years she is a member of the Indoors art group. She lives and works in Athens.

Duration of the exhibition: 12 November 2009 –16 January 2010