“The women’s Photographer”,18/10/2007 – 17/11/2007

On Thursday 18 October at 8 in the evening, Maria Demetriades opens the exhibition of the latest work of Miltos Michailidis. The show forms part of the events for the 14th Month of Photography, organised by the Hellenic Centre for Photography; it is the second participation of the Medusa Art Gallery in these events.
In his first solo exhibition at the Medusa, Miltos Michailidis paints the portrait of V., the women’s photographer, and his irregular gang – a strange quartet he seems to have met in Milan at some point in the past.
As he unfolds a kind of visual journal from that time on the gallery’s walls, Michailidis recalls and pays tribute to another artist: V., the women’s photographer, his friend and mentor. It was from him that the artist learned that what matters in art is the process and that perfection is achieved through repetition.
The whole venture is a visual game of memory which sets off from the premise that memory itself is an interpretation rather than hard fact and hence it can be distorted.
Miltos Michailidis was born in Athens in 1971. He studied painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. He has had two solo exhibitions in Milan and participated in group shows in Greece and Italy. In 2006 he won first prize at the Premio Internazionale di Video Arte, a competition held as part of the Bienalle Adriatica di Arti Nuove (San Benedetto del Tronto) in Italy.

The show under the title “The women’s photographer” at the Medusa Art Gallery is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Athens.

Duration of the exhibition: 18 October – 17 November 2007