“In the manner of” 26/04/2012 – 02/06/2012

The solo exhibition of Lina Bebi with the general title “In the manner of”, is prolongued until the 9th of June.

The main part of the exhibition comprises some 300 pencil drawings on Α4 paper based on the workbooks that Lina Bebi has been keeping for many years. The range of subjects is broad: recurring motifs, personal obsessions, emblematic images from current affairs and references to art history. This disparate visual material is turned into silhouettes which unfold, like a shadow-theatre troupe, a symbolic personal narrative in chronological order. Moving away from a journal-like recording of inner processes, Lina Bebi puts her cards on the table and assumes the role of an onlooker who comments on personal and collective anxieties in a bitterly humorous way.

At the same time the artist presents some large-scale works as a sequel to her earlier work: pencil drawings on synthetic rice-paper, and laces made by paper-cutting. In these works the combination of translucence with the interplay of light and shade and the switch from full to empty generates images of a delicate ambiguity.

Duration of the exhibition: 26 April – 2 June,
2012 Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 12.00 – 21.00 Saturday: 11:00 – 16:00