Ioulia Ventikou , Nikos Vlachos @ Stretch Pilates

Medusa Art Gallery @ Stretch Pilates-Naousa – Paros
Ioulia Ventikou , Nikos Vlachos
June 18th – October 30th 2016


On Saturday June 18th at 8 in the evening, Maria Demetriades and Keren Patzia will present at the “Stretch “ in Naousa of Paros works by Ioulia Ventikou and Nikos Vlachos.
“Light and shade, drawing and rhythm, white and black are the distinguishing features in the personal style of Ioulia Ventikou.
The first set is made up of large-scale oil paintings. The subjects—everyday scenes, figures and familiar objects—are positioned in the centre of canvas and illuminated with a strong, circular, almost theatrical light. The light expands the objects, elevating them into symbols and belying their perishable nature.”
“Nikos Vlachos applies paint in thick layers and then makes cuts in it to produce paradoxical images of an existential style, whether they depict humans or animals. The common thread in these works is the outlined figures and the absence of perspective due to the almost invariably off-white backdrop.”
STRETCH is located in the picturesque village of Naousa, in the island of Paros, Cyclades. It is the only fully equipped Studio with two Pilates rooms, on the first floor the renovated extension is dedicated for group Tower and Mat classes and the private room which is situated on the ground floor for personal training at your own discretion.
STRETCH also offers treatments in rooms decorated with simplicity and fine art by Medusa Gallery, overlooking the beautiful Naousa Bay. Massages such as Sports, Bodywork, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy as well as waxing under the hands of our professional therapists using high quality products and essential oils.
Keren Patzia has been in the Fitness and Spa industry for 15 years in total with working experience in the UK and Greece. In 2011 Keren and Alexandros created STRETCH, a pilates studio dedicated to the classical method that Joseph Pilates created. She is currently completing a Master Training program with First Generation Teacher Jay Grimes, in LA, California, and is originally trained by Power Pilates, in Athens.
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