Costas Lefkochir

Born in Heraclion, Crete, (August 30, 1952)
In 1976, he graduated from the Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Liege, Belgium. Since then he lives and works in Belgium and on the island of Paros, Cyclades, Greece. He has two nationalities, Greek and Belgian.
His work can be seen in the Town Hall of Heraklion (Crete), at the Musee Royale de Mariemont (Belgium) at the Bibliotheque Royale Albert 1er (Brussels), at the bibliotheque du Carre d’Art (Nimes), in the collections of the Belgian-French Community, at the head office of the Generale de Banque (Fortis) Brussels, at the Bibliotheque National de Luxemburg, at the Pinacotheque of the city of Athens, at the haed office of the Walloon Government (Namur), at the Royal Walloon Opera, and at the Musee du Livre (Brussels)…


1979 Paris, Plaza Opera Madeleine
1980 Liege (Belgium), Galerie du Cercle des Beaux-Arts
1982 Liege (Belgium), Galerie Orphea. Heraclion (Crete) Basilique Saint-Marc
1984 Dortmynd (Germany), International Contemporary Art Fair. Liege (Belgium) Galerie Orphea. Dusseldorf (Germany), Barbara Eicke Gallery
1985 Heraclion (Crete), Basilique Saint-Marc
1986 Antwerp (Belgium) Suzzanne and Gustave Ambach Gallery. Brussels (Belgium), Fine Art Gallery
1987 Liege (Belgium) In the Artists Studio: GUSTIN AND LEFKOCHIR Exhibition. Paris, Espace d’Art -Agence Mondiale d’Information (Word Information Agency)
1988 Athens (Greece), Elanthos Gallery. Namur (Belgium), Maison de la Poesie. (The Poetry House)
1989 Eck en Wiel (Netherlands), Galerie de Beerenburght. Wepion (Belgium), Denise et Christian Minet’s private space. Ghent (Belgium), LINEART, Contemporary Art Fair, Galerie Stenbock-Fermor. Kortijk (Belgium), CLASSIC, Galerie Stenbock-Fermor.
1990 Stockholm (Sweeden), ART FAIR, Stenbock-Fremor Gallery. Ghent (Belgium), Galerie Stenbock- Fermor. Spa (Belium) Galerie Didier Fettweis. Eck en Wiel (Netherlands), Galerie de Beerenburght
1991 Marche (Belgium), Galerie Gurler and Arts Centre. Eupen (Belgium), VALENTIN Art Gallery. Ghent (Belgium), LINEART, Galerie Didier Fettweis
1992 Eck en Wiel ( Nehterlands),Galerie de Beerenburght. Brussels (Belgium), Galerie Ruben Forni. Paris, Galerie Didier Champel. Spa (Belgium), Galerie Didier Fettweis. Damme (Belgium), Galerie Indigo.
1993 Brussels, Head Office of the Generale de Banque (Fortis). Antwerp (Belgium), Galerie Van Der Planken. La Hulpe (Belgium), Galerie Its Art 1st.
1994 Eck en Wiel (Netherlands), Galerie de Beerenburhgt
1995 Brussels, Galerie Ruben Forni. Paris, Galerie Michel Ray. Lunel (France), Louis Feuillade Arts Centre, Corine Maeght. Liege (Belgium), Emulation, Costa << Lefkochir and the Poets>>. Liege (Belgium), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMAC). Paros (Greece), Arts Space. Stavelot (Belgium), Art Fair, Galerie Ruben Forni.
1996 Nimes (France), La Chapelle des Jesuites, Corine Maeght. Ferrieres (Belgium), La Maison d’Images. Liege (Belgium), Orphea Contemporary Art. Barcelona (Spain), International Art Fair, Corine Meaght. Hannut (Belgium), saint Christopher Church, <> (The way of life).
1997 Athens (Greece), Contemporary Art Centre, Arts Centre. Eck en Wiel (Netherlands), Galerie de Beerenburght. Brussels, Galerie Ruben Forni. Damme (Belgium), Galerie Indigo.
1998 Paris, Galerie Pascal Vanhoecke. Luxemburg, Galerie La Cite. Waterloo (Belgium), Galerie Its Art 1st. Athens (Greece), Galerie Aenaon. Beaucaire (France), La Galerie d’Art. Ghent (Belgium), LINEART Art Fair, Galerie Art Forum (Antwerp).
1999 Antwerp, Galerie Art Forum. Brussels J. Bastien Art. Eck en Wiel (Netherlands), Galerie de Beerenburght. Antwerp, Instalations in lofts- organisation: Galerie Art Forum.
2000 Liege, instalation and intervention in a private house (L’Hoest family). Paris, Galerie Pascal Vanhoecke. Cachan (France), CIACC – Pascal Vanhoecke.
2001 Beaucaire (France), Galerie Municipale de la Ville. Antwerp, Galerie Art Forum.
2001 Liège, « Symbiose », Monulphe private Space, workshop with Togo’s children.

2002 Brussels, J. Bastien – Art.Eghezée, Art Exhibitions Gallery.
Athens (Greece), Medusa Art Gallery.

2003 Brussels, Art Brussels : Olivier Debré and Costa Lefkochir, J.Bastien– Art.Brussels, J.Bastien-Art.Liège, Walloon Art Museum, Saint-Georges Space, « Costa Lefkochir, paintings/meetings »

2004 Cachan (France), Pascal Vanhoecke GalleryTournai, Balthazart Gallery

2005 Malines, Telenet, paintings installation on 3 levels of the building
Nîmes, (France), Arena Nimes’ Gallery, « Costa Lefkochir, paintings/ meetings » 
Nîmes, (France), Carré d’Art, Mur Foster, « Sealed books, carved books, Artist books ».
Paros, (Greece), Apothiki Art Center.
Athens, (Grèce), Medusa Art Gallery
Hannut (Thisnes), « They are millions… » installation
Gand, Lineart, Art Forum Gallery
Paris,(France), Pascal Vanhoecke Gallery, «  The white dream » installation around 12 carved books

2006 Chênée, Doutreloux Gallery, «  C. Lefkochir and Togo’s children, a meeting »
Brussels,J.Bastien-Art Gallery

2007 Paris, (France), Christine Park Gallery
Hannut (Thisnes), Meeting with Costa Lefkochir and Jean-Luc Herman.
Brussels, European Commission (Berlaymont) « C.Lefkochir and the Human Rights»

2008 Geneva, (Switzerland), Krisal Gallery, Costa Lefkochir and Nakis Tastsioglou

2009 Antwerp, Art Forum Gallery, paintings-sculptures
Brussels, J.Bastien-Art Gallery, « Views », paintings – sculptures.

2010 Paris (France), Pascal Vanhoecke Gallery « Views »
Liège, Espace et Eglise des Prémontrés, « The Africas of Costa Lefkochir »

Group exhibitions

2001 Brussels, Art Brussels, J. Bastien-Art.
Wittem (Nederlands), Kunstdagen.
Eck en Wiel (Nederlands), de Beerenburght Gallery, “Journey of the stone”.
Brussels, La Vénerie, « Have a look to au verso ».
Shetland (Great Britain), Bonhoga Gallery, “Journey of the stone”.
2002 Brussels, J.Bastien-Art, « Small papers ».
Liège, Cœur-Saint-Lambert Space, « When Art marries the space ».
2003 Charleroi, Fine-Arts Museum, « Archi-textures ,transversales ».
Amay, (Belgium), Jehay Castle, « Hatchings », open air sculptures Damme, (Belgium), Indigo Gallery, « Blue, indigo blue»
Lambermont, (Belgium), Meeting with artists at Hervé and Katia de Radiguès’.
Paris, A3 meetings, Saint-Sulpice place.
2004 Brussels, Contemporary Art Fair Brussels, J.Bastien-Art Gallery.
Paris (France), Contemporary Art Fair, Artparis (Carrousel du Louvre) , Pascal Vanhoecke Gallery.
Liège, Les Chiroux Cultural Centrum « Dialogues with Togo’s children »
2005 Borgloon, (Belgium), nest boxes installation in an orchard
Beijing, (China), Apothiki Art Center « The art of Greece meets China »
Hannut, (Thisne), Hannut’s Cultural Centrum “y a pas d’lézards”

2006 Visé, (Belgium), Sépulcrines chapel, « Abstract Dialogue  »
Louvain-la-Neuve, « The nest boxes »
Athens, Medusa Art Gallery, « Vlanti, Xanthou, Lefkochir »
Verviers, Fine-Arts and Ceramic Museum « Recent Acquisitions of the Liege Province »
Brussels, La Vènerie, « 13th african fifteenth »
Tournai, The Culture House, « Art of books : materialities »
Contemporary bindings, Object-books and installations in the Belgium French Community
2007 Paris, Salon of New Realities
Paris, Art-Paris, Grand Palais, +thinkingPrints, gallery
Liège, Walloon Art Museum, Saint-Georges Space, « Icarus »
Tourinnes-La-Grosse, Saint-Martin Festival
Strasbourg, st’Art, +thinkingPrints, gallery
Marseille, Squirrel Space , I Culori d’Umani
2008 Ajaccio , Lazaret-Ollandine Space, I Culori d’Umani
Esneux, L’Escale, 5 artists for UNICEF
Damme, Indigo Art Gallery
2009 Brussels, CESE, I Culori d’Umani,
Liège, St-Georges Space– Walloon Art Museum « Couples A P(art)ager »
L’Ile Rousse (France) I Culori d’Umani,
2010 Liège, Liehrmann Gallery, «Sharing art »
2011 Damme, Indigo Art Gallery
Liège, Liehrmann Gallery, « Photographs  icons»
Naxos (Greece) Petalouda Art Gallery
Verviers, Nadiart International, « The Library of Silence »