Nakis Tastsioglou

Nakis Tastsioglou was born in 1955 in Athens, graduated in 1979 from the Academy of Florence, Italy. He lives and works in Athens.
Personal Exhibitions
1987 Medusa Art Gallery, Athens
1989 Gallery Artista, Rome, Italy
1990 Gallery T.K.G., Trieste, Italy
1991 Medusa Art Gallery, Athens
1994 Medusa +1 Art Gallery, Athens
1996 Medusa Art Gallery, Athens
1999 Medusa Art Gallery, Athens
2004 Medusa Art Gallery, Athens

Group Exhibitions
1982 12th Biennale Paris, France
1982 Maison de la Grece, Paris, France (curator Emanouel Mavrommatis)
1983 Jeunes Grecques, St Etienne, France (curator Emanouel Mavrommatis)
1983 4th Biennale of Sculpture, Scironio Museum, Greece
1983 French Institute, Athens
1985 5th International Biennale of Sculpture, The Quality of Life, Scironio Museum, Greece
1985 International Group Exhibition “Athens Cultural of Europe”, Eleftheria Park, Athens
1988 Expo-Arte, Bari, Italy (curator Guliano Serafini)
1988 “Capua Direziona sud-est”,Provinciale Campano Capua Museum, Naples, Italy
1989 “Art without Frontiers”, Centre Art Ileana Tounta, Athens (curator Manthos Santorineos)
1989 “Sculptural-plastic transformations”, Happening 89, The Athens City Hall, Korai Pedestrian way, Athens (curator Yiannis Kolokotronis)
1991 “Concept/Form”,Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Athens – Arts Centre (curator Elzbieta Koscielak)
1991 “La Crecia Contemporanea”, Salf del Rettorato, Universita degli Studi di Ancona, Italy (curator Bruno Cantarini)
1995 XLVI Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy (curator Maria Maragou)
1995 “ELYTRON” Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
1996 “ELYTRON” Agios Frangiskos, Rethymnon
1996 IX International Biennale of Sculpture, Scironio Museum, Greece
1996 Art-Athina 4 Contemporary Art Fair, Athens
1997 “Kelyphos” Cultural Centre of Athens (curator Bia Papadopoulou)
1997 Histories de changements perpetual, Pinacotheque Muninicipale de Patras (curator Bia Papadopoulou)
1998 Haritos Gallery, Athens (curator Bia Papadopoulou)
1999 “Evoe-Evan” Municipality of Patras, Cultural Departement (curator Bia Papadopoulou)
1999 Art Athina 7 , Medusa Art Gallery, Athens
2000 Fyrogia 2000 Sifnos, Greece (curator Maria Maragou)
2001 SHARJAH Biennale United Arab Emirates 2th Sculpture prize (curator Athena Schina)
2001 Osaka Triennale, Japan
2001 ………to Andreas Kalvos”, Cultural Center “Krypti”,Zakinthos, Greece (curator Bia Papadopoulou)
2003 “Lies and Truths” Medusa Art Gallery, Athens (curator Efie Strouza)
2003 “Liberty- Democracy”,Cycladic Art Museum, Athens. (curator Athena Schina)
2004 Art Athina 11, Medusa Art Gallery, Athens
2004 ‘‘In the beginning was fire’’, Titanium Gallery, Athens (curator Bia Papadopoulou)
2004 Athens by Art, Athens (curator Efie Strouza)
2005 Birdivest, Borgloon, Belgium
2006 Recall 438 b.C Panathinaia day 1, AICA, HAMA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens.
2006 Medusa Art Gallery, Apothiki Art Center
2007 Chronicle of the absurd, 19th Internation Photograph meeting Thessaloniki Museum of Photography (curator Bia Papadopoulou)
2007 Art Athina 2007, Medusa Art Gallery
2008 Galerie Krisal, Geneva
2008 “L’art vous va si bien”, Musee de la Piscine, Lille, France
2009 Art Athina 15, Medusa art Gallery, Athens
2009 “Transitions” Medusa Art Gallery, 2nd Biennale of Athens, “Heaven” (curator Bia Papadopoulou)
2010 Marathon 2500 years, European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Greece (curator Efi Andreadi)
2010 “Sculptures in the garden”, Focas Cosmetatos Foundation, Cephalonia Botanica, Cephalonia, Greece (curator Bia Papadopoulou)

Partnership Exhibitions
He has created environmental exhibitions with E. Venetsanou & Kostas Vrouvas:

  • 1981 “Environment” Gallery Ora, Athens (curator Veatriki Spiliadi)
  • 1983 Sculpture – Environment Action, Medusa Art Gallery (curator Veatriki Spiliadi)
  • 1983 Sculpture – Environment – VIDEO, French Institute, Thessaloniki
  • 1991 “Environment” St Johns Monastery, Lefkes, Paros, organized by Medusa Art Gallery 9curator Vivi Vasilopoulou)
  • 1993 “40 Days and 40 Nights” The Open Air Theatre “Aixos”, Municipality of Glyfada, Athens

Some of his works can be found at the Modern Art Museum Vorre at the Provinsiale Campano Capua Museum in Italy, at the Medical Centre of Paros, Kanakakis Gallery of Contemporary Art, Municipality of Rethimnon, KETE Research Centre for the Arts and Sciences Athens, Scironio Museum, Greece, Macedonian Centre for Contemporary Art Thessaloniki, Creece, National Bank of Creece, Emfietzoglou Collection, Modern & Contemporary Greek Art and private collections in Europe and USA.