Yannis Tzermias

Born in Herakleion, Crete (1954), he spent his childhood in Neapoli and came to Athens in 1972. From 1973 to 1977, he studied Graphic Arts at the Vacalo School.
1985-1986 Medusa Gallery, Athens
1988 “A Magical Landscape”, Medusa Gallery, Athens
1995 “On Nature”, Medusa Gallery, Athens
1999 “Crucifixes”, The small Library, Gavrilides, Athens
2000 15 “cliches verre”, Terracotta Gallery, Thessaloniki
2001 “C(h)ronos”, Medusa Gallery, Athens
2011 “Oedipus” Medusa Gallery, Athens

1973 Pancretan exhibition, Crete
1975 Meeting of Cretan Artists, Herakleion, Crete
1986 Visual Action I-II, organized by the General Youth Secratariat, Athens
FirstDocument, Gallery «F» and Vafopouleion Cultural Centre, Thessaloniki,organized by the magazine “Double Image” (DipliEikona), D. Deliyannis
1988 Meeting – points – juxtaposition, exhibition with 34 artists, Athens Municipal Art Gallery, organized by K. Stavropoulos
“ArtistsfromEurope”, exhibition with 4 artists, Strasbourg, organized by EU Council and the magazine “Eighty”
1989 Balkan Biennale, Bucarest
17+1, Colleagues exhibition at the Medusa Gallery, Athens
Table, Athens Municipal Gallery, organized by M. Stefanides
1990 With reference to Bouzianis, Athens Municipal Gallery, organized by M. Stefanides
1991 Exhibition in the Municipality ofBoussy-SaintAntoine, Paris
Artists from Neapoli, Neapoli, Crete
1993 SeascapewithtextsbyC. Christou, NeesMorphes Gallery, Athens
1994 Thelostofforminspace, with texts by E. Vacalo, NeesMorphes Gallery, Athens
Passion, Warehouse of the Hellenic Rail Organization, organized by ECON, supervised by M. Stefanides, Athens
1995 Ephemera, House of Cyprus, supervised by M. Maragou, Athens
Presentation of 12 pictures for N. Petropoulos book, “OdosDiaphygis”, Agathi Gallery, Athens
1998 With the Lyre and the Fiddlebow, Memories and Contemporary Creation, Rethymnon Centre for Contemporary Art, L.Kanakakis Municipal Gallery, Rethymnon
1999 Crossroads of Crete, Tzamia – Crystalla Gallery, supervised by P. Kounenaki,Crete
2000 Students of Vakalo School
15 “cliches verre” and foto N. Markou, Terracotta Gallery, Thessaloniki.