Ioulia Ventikou

Ioulia Ventikou was born in Athens. She studied painting and stage design in Athens School of Fine Arts (1984-1989). She is a member of RODA Theatre Group since 1993. She lives and works in Athens.
2002 Athens, Medusa Art Gallery
1996 Athens, Medusa Art Gallery
2009 “Terra Mania”, curator Dr Lina Tsikouta-Deimezi, Mani, Μavromichalis Palace
2007 “Fragments”,curator Lena Kokkini Athens, Medusa Art Gallery
2005 “Birdinvest- The Nestingboxproject”, organized by Jo Dilo Belgium, Lans
2002 “Terra Incognita”, curator Lena Kokkini, Diana Gallery, Athens
2001 Art Athina 9, Athens
1997 Aeschyleia Festival, curator Lina Bebi, Elefsina
1990 “Rotte Mediterranee” Algeria, Tipasa
1988 IV Biennale of Young Artists from European Mediterranean Countries, curator Yannis Kolokotronis Bologna
1988 (Barcelona ’87- Bologna ’88), Athens, Municipal Gallery
1988 Artio Art Gallery, Athens
1987 Panhellenic Art Exhibition, Piraeus