Voula Massoura

Voula Massoura has studied graphic arts and painting in Krefeld Germany under Pr. G. Muche and
J. Mitscherlich and in Austria under Pr. H. Trokes.
1960 – 1964: She worked in Athens as a gaphic artist and illustrator for advertising firms, newspapers and magazines.
1964 – 1979: She focused on painting and “assemblages”.
1980 – 1990: During this period she worked in the manner of Textile – Art, using mainly vegetable fibers and actylics.
1990 – 1996: Creation of a series of works under the general title “LAVARA” where the main material used is tarpaper.
As from 1997 She works on a new series of work, “DECAY – REMINISCENCES” and “OBLIVION REVOKED”.

1964 Athens, Greece, Zygos Gallery
1975 Athens, Greece, Astor Gallery
1979 Athens, Greece, Trito Mati Gallery
1980 Thessaloniki, Greece, Panselinos Gallery, Retrospective 1970 – 1980
1985 Athens, Greece, Zoumboulakis Gallery
1986 Thessaloniki, Greece, French Institute
1986 Larissa, Greece, Municipal Art Gallery, Katsygras Museum
1990 Athens, Greece, Medusa Art Gallery
1991 Athens, Greece, Goethe Institute
1993 Nicosia, Cyprus, Famagusta Gate
1993 Crete, Greece, “Koule” – Medieval Castle of Heraklion
1995 Athens, Greece, Medusa Art Gallery
1996 Venice, Italy Institute of Byzantine and post-Byzantine studies
1996 Faenza, Italy, Palazzo del Podesta
1997 Thessaloniki, Greece, Terracotta Gallery
2000 Athens, Greece, Medusa Art Gallery
2000 Lamia, Greece, Municipal Gallery – A. Kontopoulos, Retrospective 1990 – 2000
2002 Nafplion, Greece, Poloponnesian Folklore Foundation
2003 Athens, Greece, Medusa Art Gallery
2008 Athens, Greece, Medusa Art Gallery
2008 Rhodes, Greece, Municipal Art Gallery of Rhodes, Retrospective 1985 – 2005


1963, 1975, 1978 Athens, Greece, Panhellenic Exhibitions
1972 Salzburg, Austria, Academy of Fine Arts: Honorary Award from the city of Salzburg
1974 Chicago, U.S.A., Modern Greek Art
1975 Paris, France, Grand Palais, Salon d’ Automme
1982 Alexandria, Egypt Bienniale d’ Alexandrie: Prix d’honneur hors concours, Honorary Award
1985 Athens, Greece, Athens Cultural Capital of Europe, National Gallery “Reminiscences – Transformations – Quests”
1988 Szombathely, Hungary, Savaria Museum: “7th Minitextil Biennale”
1988 Brussels, Belgium, Communaute Europeenne, “Five Greek Artists”
1989 Strasbourg, France, Ancienne Laiterie Central: “Five Greek Artists”
1992 Nice, France, Villefranche Castle, II Salon International du Petit Format: Honorary Award
1993 Bologna, Italy, Arte Fiera
1995 Lotz, Poland, International Triennial: Bronze metal
1997 Athens, Art Athina 5, Medusa Art Gallery
1998 Brussels, Belgium, Building of the Western European Union, Greek Presidency “The focus of the gaze”
1999 Athens, Greece, Psychari 36 Gallery, “A trip through plastic arts”
1999 Athens, Greece, Psychari 36 Gallery, “Banner, Flag, Sign”
1999 Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, 4th International Bienniale of Arts
1999 Cagne-Sur-Mer, Nice, France, “Greece the Mediterranean”
1999 Helsinki, Finlad, “Living Waters” Contermporary European Fibre Art
2000 Athens, Greece, Medusa Gallery “The Bests 1999 – 2000”
2002 Larissa, Greece, Contemporary Art Centre, “Intercontinental Meeting of Woman”
2003 Athens, Greece, Art Athina 10, Medusa Art Gallery
2004 Lodj, Poland, 11ç International Triennial of Textile Art
2005 Burgloon, Belgium, “Bird Invest – The Nestingboxproject”
2005 Pekin, Chine, “Artistic encounter Greece – China”
2006 Brussels, Belgium, European Community “Berlaymont – Summa Artis”
2006 Thessaloniki, Greece, Masedonian Museum of Modern Art, The Alpha Bank Collecion,
“Greek Art from 1920 to nowadays”
2007 Athens, Greece, Medusa Art Gallery, “The place is elsewhere”

Works by V. Massoura are found in public and private collections in Greece and abroad.