Yiannis Kontaratos

Yannis Kondaratos was born in Athens, 1968. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Atrs (1987-1992). In 1991, he obtained an Erasmus scholarship and attended the B.A. Hons Fine Art course at Middlessex Polytechnic, London. In 2012, he obtained a doctoral degree in art history from the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Department of Communication, Media and Culture. He teaches painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, from 2003 as a special research and education assistant, and from 2010 as lecturer. He has presented his work in three solo and more than twenty group exhibitions. He has also participated in scientific conferences and he has published books and texts on history and theory of art.

Solo exhibitions.
– January 2002: Athens Gallery Marilena Liacopoulou, Athens.
– January 2006: Contemporary Art Center Ileana Tounta, Athens.
– November 2010: About, Athens.
Group exhibitions (selection).
– May 1993: 4th Biennale of European Academies of Visual Arts, M.E.C., Maastricht.
– February 1998: “Four Artists (Kondaratos, Matsouki, Samakouris, Xagoraris)”, Municipal Cultural Center “Technopolis”, Athens.
– December 2003: “Acquisitions” 2001-2002”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens.
– October 2004: “En Mesogaia”, Vorres Museum, Peania.
– June 2005: Athens Gallery Marilena Liacopoulou, Athens.
– December 2007: “In Present Tense: Young Greek Artists”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens.
– July 2009: “Turbulent Times”, The Art Foundation (taf), Athens.
– November 2009: “Dialogues”, Ekfrasi and Fizz Gallery, Athens.
– May 2011: ART-ATHINA (participation with ‘about’ Gallery) Athens.
– September 2012: “Reclaiming the Past, Regaining the Real”, Festival or contemporary music and visual arts, ‘about’, Athens.
– December 2012: ‘Artists support models”, Kappatos Gallery. Athens.
– September 2012: “Object Petit a”, Isnotgallery, Nicosia.
– March 2013: “D. Kokkinidis, the master”, Cultural Foundation of National Bank of Greece, Eynardou Megaron, Athens.
– August 2013: «Art in the era of crisis» (curator R. Argyraki), XXIII World Congress of Philosophy, University of Athens, Athens.
– Yannis Kondaratos, William Blake’s Theory of Art and the significance of his pictorial work for its understanding, nissos editions, Athens, 2013.
– Yannis Kondaratos (ed.), Philip Guston, the painter in Eden. Writings, lectures and conversations. Athens School of Fine Arts Editions, Athens, 2014.