Born in Athens 1973
Active in Athens
(2002- 2004)
National Technical University of Athens/ School of Architectural Engineering
Interdepartmental Postgraduate program: Design- Space- Culture
He completed his M.A. thesis, entitled Paradise. The image of utopia in the Art of Medieval and Renaissance, under the supervision of Mrs Helen Tatla
Athens School of Fine Arts
Department of Painting under the supervision of Professors Demosthenes Kokkinides and Triantafillos Patraskides.
Stage and costume design under the supervision of Professor George Ziakas
Mosaic under the supervision of Professor Daphne Angelidou
Department of Sculpture under the supervision of Professor George Houliaras
Archeological Society in Athens
Courses of Theatre theory and History of Art of the 20th century

He was honored with undergraduate scholarship of high performance during the whole period of his studies in Athens School of Fine Arts (Department of Painting) and graduated with full marks (29,6/ 30)
He was also a scholar of the “State Scholarship Foundation” (2003-2005) for Sculpture.
He represented Greece in the 13th trienalle of textile Art (2010) at Lodz, Poland.
During the winter semester 2007-2008 he taught painting at the Fine Art and Sciences Department of University of Ioannina.
Since 2015 he teaches Painting at the National Technical University of Athens/ School of Architectural Engineering.
He has presented his work in three solo exhibitions (2003, 2006 & 2010) and has taken part in more than fifty group exhibitions.
Active in Athens.

Solo exhibitions
2016 Athens, April 14- June 1
Gallery «Medusa»
2010 Athens, November 2- November 27
Gallery «7»
2006 Athens, April 4- May 6
Gallery «7»
2003 Athens, November 4- December 4
Gallery «7»

Group exhibitions (selection)
-Art Athina Gallery «Medusa», May 26-29
-«Tomorrow is an other day. Tomorrow is not an other today» TAF, Athens, June 2- 26 (curated by Vivi Perisinaki and Scott Mc Govern)
-«Just you Erotokrite», Municipal Gallery of Larisa- Museum G. I. Katsigras, March 9 May 7 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«FEK + ART», National Printing Institute, Athens, December 17 2015- February 10 2016 (curated by Louisa Karapidaki) (catalog)
-«19 artists for Vasilis Tsitsanis», Alma Gallery, Trikala, December 19 2015- January 31 2016 (curated by Eleni Gatsa)
-«Kaleidoscope», Alma Gallery, Trikala, October 30 – November 27 (curated by Eleni Gatsa)
-«Kapodisrtias case», Historical and Folklore Museum of Aegina, August 29 -September 15 (curated by Iris Kritikou)
-«Blue hour / L’ Heure Bleue», Poseidonion Grand Hotel, Spetses , August 21- October 17 (curated by Iris Kritikou)
-Art Athina, Faliro (TaeKwonDo), «Platforms», Refuge II- Testimonies, June 4- 7
-«Mixed stories», House of culture, Rethymno, Krete,
May 8- 17 (curated by Maria Tsouknaki)
-«Just you Erotokrite», Telogleio Institution for the Arts- Aristotle University of Thesaloniki, April 29- June 15 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«Refuge II- Testimonies», 2nd World War anti aircraft refuge, Adamantas, Milos, July 12- August 31 (curated by Maria Hatzinikolaou and Nikos Podias) (catalog)
-Art Athina, Gallery «7», Faliro (TaeKwonDo), May15- 18
-AAO (Against all odds) project, Slow down rooms, Benaki Museum (Piraios building), June 8 Ιουνίου- July 31 (curated by Lina Stergiou and Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-Art Athina, Gallery «7», Faliro (TaeKwonDo), May 12- 15
-«The truth is always irrational»- Alexandros Papadiamantis. Cultural centre of Municipal of Athens «Melina», Athens, December 1- 23 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«City Fashion & Fusion», City Link, Spyros Milios gallery, Athens, November 4- 14 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«Tracing Constantinople», Sismanogleio Hall and Halki Theological School, Istanbul, August 28- September 23 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«About heroes and…», Municipal Gallery of Kalamata, Kalamata, July 3 Ιουλίου– October 30 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«Ioannis Gennadios and his world», Gennadios Library, Athens, June 8 – September 18 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«13th Trienalle of Textile Art, Lodz, Poland, May 10– September 25, (curated by Voula Masoura) (catalog)
-«Scripture», Hellenic American Union, Athens, February 3– March 9 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«Art Athina”, Gallery «7», Faliro (TaeKwonDo), May 21- 24 , (catalog)
-«It happened in Athens», Cultural centre of Municipal of Athens «Melina», Athens, December 1– 22 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«Views of White», Lucas and Evagellos Bellonias Institution, Fira, Santorini, August 8– September 30 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«Sketching Dionysios Solomos», Ex Convent Ss Cosma e Damiano, Venice, April 21- May 19 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«Unfair», Kapatos Gallery, Αthens Imperial Hotel, Athens, March 16- 25
-«Unfair», Kapatos Gallery, Macedonia Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki, April 25- 29
-«Realia Mundi», Petros & Marika Kydonieos, Andros July 23 Ιουλίου- September 30 (curated by Athina Shoina) (catalog)
-«Sites of the Forbidden», Art space ‘Agathi’, Novenber 6 – 24
-«Birth place», New Benaki Museum- Pireaus str, November 15- 18(curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«Sketching Dionysios Solomos», Pinakothiki Moshandreou, Mesologi, December 15 –February 20 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-“Once upon a time there was Penelope Delta”- Athens American College, November 28- February 10 2007(curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-12/12, Lacoste, Benaki Museum, May 10-30 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-Group exhibition of Sculpture –G. Karidis/ Center for Visual Arts, Filothei, October 10-26 (curated by Afroditi Liti)
-«Visiting Halepas»- Tinos, The house of exhibitions
July 30- September 11 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«Aquarium» St. Nicolas Bay, Crete, July 9 -October 30 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«Mask – Visards» – Peri Technon, February 21-March 12 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-Art Athina Gallery «7», May 6-10
-«Anthropography», The Christos Christofis collections
-Foundation ofΊ Thracian Art and Tradition, March1- April 6
-«A little blue» , St. Nicolas Bay, Crete, July 9- October 30 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-«Pottery», Historical and Folklore Museum of Aegina, August 7- 22 (curated by Iris Kritikou) (catalog)
-Gallery Astrolavos, “Kites”, Athens, March 5-15
-G. Karidis/ Center for Visual Arts, Filothei, March 31- April 30
-11th Bienalle for new artists of Europe and Mediterranean, Athens, June 6-15
-I. Kapodistrias- ex Military Camp– Argos, May 26- June15
-Creta Maris, 2d Bienalle For new artists- Iraklio- Crete, October
-Eleutheroudakis Bookstores, Athens, February 15– March 15
-Foundation of the Hellenic world, Athens, June 5-10
-Artnet galleries, Athens July 5 – August 4