Fotis Art Cafe

Medusa Art Gallery @ Fotis Art Café
Costas Tsiknis
April 10– October 29 2017


The Fotis Art Cafe and the Medusa Art Gallery met twelve years ago! Since then they have been travelling together in time, aiming to lure you along the way… So again this year, starting on Holy Monday before Easter, Sophia Aliberti and Maria Demetriades invite you on a journey of colours through the works of Costas Tsiknis!
“With his latest works Costas Tsiknis takes us on a sonorous journey to a spectacular garden filled with birds and three green frogs-former princes. His singing birds escape their explosively coloured boxes, appear three-dimensional in cages with open doors, twitter on demand and celebrate their freedom in a relaxed mood of joy and euphoria. Exploring the pop aesthetic to the threshold between real and artificial, the strange troupe of these charming creatures is incessantly reproduced in small-scale mirages and joyfully winks at the viewer”.
Olga Papakosta
Costas Tsiknis was born in 1961 in Amfissa, where he lives and works. A self-taught artist, he has been practising painting since 1999.
Solo exhibitions
2015 “Zoubera… and other stories”, Medusa Art Gallery, Athens
2004 ¨Journal¨, Cazo café, Amfissa
2003 ¨The beginning of a strange story…¨, Bit Pazar Market, Thessaloniki
2003 Amfissa Cultural Centre
2002 ¨A little fairy tale¨, Cazo café, Amfissa
Group exhibitions
2014 ¨The symptom project¨, Al. Delmouzos Residence, Amfissa
2011 ¨Tiptoeing¨, Art Chamber of Greece, Plaka, Athens
2010 ¨Handiwork – visual propositions¨, Amfissa
2008 ¨Retrace II, Art walk through Kimolos¨
2007 ¨Retrace¨, Art walk through Kimolos¨
2004 ¨Still film¨, Oneiro Cinema, Ι. Rentis, Piraeus
2003 ¨All colours for the port¨, 3rd Festival, Port Authority Warehouses, Piraeus
2002 ¨All colours for the port¨, 2nd Festival, Alipedou & Makron Tichon 5, Piraeus


Fotis Αrt Café
Duration of the exhibition: 10 April – 29 October, 2017
Aghios Dimitris-Boukadoura, Naoussa, Paros
Tel. no.: 2284053000

Opening hours: 10:00 am – 03:00 pm