Stergios Stamos

Stergios Stamos
22 May  – 31 October 2010

Fotis Mellios has created a café at the harbour of Aghios Dimitris-Boukadoura in Naoussa, Paros which operates also as an art space.
His cooperation with the Medusa Art Gallery continues for the seventh consecutive year. Following on the previous years’ successful exhibitions of Lina Bebi, Marigo Kassi, Voula Massura, Nakis tastsioglou, Anton, Maria Grigoriadi, Miltos Michailidis and Panagiotis Linardakis on Saturday 22 May at 9 in the evening Maria Demetriades (Medusa Art Gallery) and Fotis Mellios (Fotis art café) will present the works of Stergios Stamos.
”I’m breathing again, don’t worry, I keep going, I’m winding, I forget, remember, love…”
Experience serves as a motive for seven paintings by Stergios Stamos which are presented at the Fotis Art Café at Naoussa , Paros.
An  explosion of feelings by Stamos, resulting from our peculiar times when the economic uncertainty and its effects have influenced almost all of us.
Matter plays an important part in the paintings. It is formed with paper, cloth, plaster, glue and creates nests where blue light (neon light) is enclosed. It covers various drawing ventures that are half seen and sometimes complete the shape.
Light (energy) –matter- words: these are the elements, which compose each painting.