VETOMAG May 2009

VETOMAG May 2009
Interview to Yorgos Efstathiou
Maria Demetriades – Gallery owner
01. What is the greatest risk you ever took in your life?
Establishing the “Medusa” gallery at the age of nineteen. 02. What personal objects would you take with you on a journey in space? My camera. 03. Do you agree with the saying: “time is money”? I prefer “time is precious”. 04. Have you ever regretted not daring to do something? I always try to fulfil my desires. 05. What is the greatest lie you’ve ever told? “Forever”!!! 06. What talent do you wish you had? To play the piano well or have a perfect singing voice. 07. What do you hate most in other people? Gloominess, stinginess, lack of love. 08. What is your most precious possession? My life. 09. What is your greatest extravagance? The best hotels, when travelling. 10. What is your greatest miserliness? I wonder… 11. What is your favourite film, book, music? “The English patient”, Greek mythology, Keith Jarrett’s “The Köln Concert”. 12. What is it that you don’t like about the way you look? My mood, on rare occasions… 13. Which type of person do you dislike? The super-secure. 14. What do you appreciate most in a friend? Their love. 15. Which experience has marked you as a person? My acquaintance and friendship with people who opened or still open new ways for me. 16. What virtue do you think is most overrated? Being first. 17. Which word or phrase do you overuse? “I am in love”—with Karina, my boat, “Medusa”, Paros, the sea, my gardens, and so on… 18. Tell us three words you love and three words you hate. Freedom, authenticity, duration; hate, end, boredom. 19. Is there something you never understood, no matter how hard you tried? The end of love between two people. 20. Do you laugh often—and with what, usually? With a clever joke. 21. Do you believe in God or in some higher power? I do, and that gives me strength and peace when I feel small and weak. 22. Do you believe in life after death? I’d like to… 23. If you had a second chance, what ‘errors’ would you not repeat? I would not upset someone without a serious reason. 24. Have you ever wondered whether your existence in the world may have some special purpose? Every day, and I try for every one of my days to have a reason to exist. 25. What wish do you make on a falling star? For me and those I love to be well. 26. When was the last time you cried, of joy or sorrow? On saying farewell to a 34-year-old woman… 27. What is your favourite motto? Love can do EVERYTHING.