Paintings, 28/3/2000 – 06/5/2000

On Tuesday, 28 March at 8.00 p.m., Maria Dimitriadi presents the latest work of painter Dora Pulmann at the Medusa Art Gallery.

Through a series of transformations of form, space and light, Dora Pulmann presents the fields of an imaginary hinterland; the processes of an endless adventure of writing as it transmutes in her works, fusing the external aspects of the form with its inner structures and forging the links of an elliptic, abstract ‘narrative’. The gesture is equated with the gaze which seeks and traces the old signs of some ancient cosmogony and matches them with the new hybrids of a reborn life. Time past joins time present through the fluidity of an organic condition, as energy becomes action and action becomes writing in these works which present what evades vision.

Using a limited range of colours, Dora Pulmann reveals the dynamism that lurks on the fringes of formalisation, where the likely and the possible appear as preliminary processes of a beginning or an end which exposes to the gaze the Trajectories of stories that got lost as their myths escaped into oblivion.

Duration: 28 March – 6 May 2000