Fragments , 25/1/2007-25/2/2007

Annita Argyroiliopoulou, Ioulia Ventikou, Lina Bebi

Curator: Lena Kokkini

25 January – 25 February, 2007

For three years now the Medusa Art Gallery organises a series of exhibitions in collaboration with curators. Under this scheme, each year a curator is invited to present an exhibition with a specific subject.
In 2007 the Gallery will host the different propositions of two curators.
The year starts off with Lena Kokkini and the exhibition “Fragments”, with the participation of artists Annita Argyroiliopoulou, Ioulia Ventikou & Lina Bebi.
Maria Dimitriadi invites you to the opening of the exhibition on Thursday, 25 January 2007 at 8 in the evening.
As noted by curator Lena Kokkini, the artistic propositions make up an almost magical unity although there is no common narrative or some feminist manifesto. On the contrary, the artists present excerpts, fragments of mythical memories, from collective to highly personal ones …
The main theme is Woman, the female presence.
In her works Ioulia Ventikou plays with her own shadow to create references to Myth, to woman as Goddess, Maenad, queen; to feminine archetypes.
Lina Bebi draws fine female figures, tied to the past with the threads of lace, at once delicate and indestructible.
Annita Argyroiliopoulou takes a more political view of the subject, tracing tender figures of children which strongly suggest fear before the universal threat.

Duration of the exhibition: 25 January – 25 February, 2007