“Room with a view”, 21/01/2010 – 20/2/2010

Nikos Vlachos
“Room with a view”

On Thursday 21 January, at 8 in the evening, Maria Demetriades opens the exhibition of the latest works by Nikos Vlachos, under the general title “Room with a view”, at the Medusa Art Gallery.
In the paintings of the “Room with a view” series Nikos Vlachos adopts an expressionistic approach, using thick off-white oil paste which he then scores violently in his wish to point out that the line denudes and ‘reveals’, unlike the paint which ‘covers up’.
The works, oils and drawings on paper and mostly anthropocentric, deal with the painful fact of existence with reference to Sartr’s Nausea, although they do not constitute an attempt at illustrating the text. The absence of a credible space and the lack of perspective generate a feeling of anxiety and alienation.
Nikos Vlachos was born in Athens in 1965. He studied painting and engraving at the Thessaloniki School of Fine Arts. This is his tenth individual exhibition.

Duration of the exhibition: 21 January – 20 February 2010