Paintings, 27/11/2003 – 10/012004

On Thursday, November 27 at 8.00pm Maria Dimitriadi is going to present the latest work of Dora Pulmann. Through a series of transmutations of form, space and colour, Dora Pulmann expresses in her works the dynamic vibrations of a complex reality. This reality is convincing because it does not exhibit the conventions of obvious recognition; it does not show images associated with representation. The artist presents the processes of an endless adventure of writing as it is transformed in her works, forging the links of an elliptic, abstract ‘narrative’. Using a palette of vivid colours, Dora Pulmann moves between the imaginary and the visible, between the constantly transmuting hinterland of the images of a personal subconscious and the external phenomena which keep changing and intertwining in an abstract way, as a kind of connective tissue. Yet even this connective tissue reveals the dynamism that lies around the edges of formalisation. Energy becomes action and action turns into writing in these works where the probable and the possible appear as preliminary processes in a beginning or an end which exposes to the gaze the trajectories of ‘stories’ that got lost as the myths escaped to oblivion. Duration: 27 November 2003 – 10 January 2004