THE BEST OF 2005 – 2006 – 15.06.2006 – 30.10.2006

“THE BEST OF 2005 – 2006”
“Costas Lefkochir, Annita Xanthou, Maria Vlanti”
15 June – 30 October 2006

On Thursday, June 15 at 8 p.m. Maria Demetriades opens the exhibition of a selection of the best works from the 2005-2006 season.

“Far from a purified aesthetic, Lefkochir seeks to stimulate the senses and resorts to provide traces which point to a reference, to a reality of which the painting is a reflection. It is something like a whitewashed wall in the Mediterranean tradition, which never fully hides the marks of the past but allows the depth of history to show through its spots.
The painter fills his works with wounds, with faint or luminous scars as fields which call on us to think.”

“The personal artistic gaze of Annita Xanthou serves to emphasise how energy, which we often imagine to be invisible and omnipotent, imprints itself in various forms around us and demands respect and recognition. Her works assert themselves over space and time with their dynamic aesthetic and their symbolism and manage to stir up our interest in a world beyond matter. This is why each moment is unique and inimitable, demanding our commitment and enthusiasm and demonstrating that there are values and merits to be found beyond the obvious and beyond the familiar setting of everyday reality.”

“Sculptures made of clay, articulated and in light earthly tones, standing frontally in the room and rising to a height of about 2 metres. The space among them is interspersed with large ceramic spheres in dark metallic hues.
The general title is ‘ Aspects’, and the large sculptures, prominent in their static condition, make up an environment where the figure of the viewer blends in.”

Duration: 15 June – 30 October 2006