“Wonderful people” , 18/11/2004 – 08/01/2005

On Thursday 18 November 2004, at 8 p.m., Maria Dimitiradi presents at the Medusa Art Gallery the new work of Eleni Zouni under the general title “WONDERFUL PEOPLE”.

The latest work of Eleni Zouni is in two parts. The first part comprises large paintings on canvas and wood which deal with man’s anxiousness to preserve his spiritual identity in a world in which every truth is constantly distorted by the all-powerful Media.

The second part results from the observation of the visual deluge created by the Media using the images of the leading figures of politics. The daily familiarisation with portraits from the political and social life led to a radical change in the artist’s language of expression. She amassed a huge number of photographs of political figures as they are reproduced in the Press, which she processed digitally. The main material in her new series of works is the image of people who are constantly in the limelight through the Media. With the “Wonderful People” series Eleni Zouni seeks to reveal the true identity of the persons behind their public-figure masks, and creates images that hover between caricature and the grotesque.

The two parts represent two different aspects of conceptual and technical reworking of the artistic language, which the artist displays in the same place and at the same time in order to demonstrate the variable mechanisms of the intellectual process, the inner procedures and the formation of the visual language with respect to visual stimuli supplied by the external social and political environment.

Eleni Zouni studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts. Between 1984 and 1994 she lived and worked in Barcelona and Amsterdam.

This is her sixth individual show, and she has also participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

The exhibition catalogue shall include texts by Efi Strousa and Pantelis Tsavalos.

Duration: 18 November 2004 – 8 January 2005