Marianne Strapatsakis


She was born in Athens. In 1965 she started her studies with a scholarship at
the Technological Institute of Athens. In 1969 with a scholarship of the Academy of Athens, and for five years, she continued her studies in Paris, at the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts”, in the department of Painting and Sketch.At the same time she studied History of Art at the “Ecole du Louvre”, and Plastic Arts at the “University of Paris I”, in Sorbonne (1979). She also participated in the seminars of professors: Roland Barthes, Rene Huyghe, Paul Lemerle, Michel Foucalt, at the College de France.

Selection of Personal Exhibitions

In 1975 she starts her artistic career, with her first personal exhibition in Paris at the “Maison des Beaux Arts” gallery.
In 1973 at the group exhibition “9eme Prix de la Cote d’Azur” she received the award “Mention d’Honneur”.
1980 “ART STUDIO” acrylics, music G.Couroupos, Athens.
1981 French Institute of Salonica, acrilics 1984 “MEDUSA ART GALLERY” steel and oil pastel, Athens Goethe Institute of Athens, steel and oil pastels. Starting at 1984 she gets involved in the movement of Video Art and she is a part of the masters of the movement in Greece.
1985 Goethe Institute of Athens, “PRAXIS 85” festival, Video-Installation music of Th. Zlatanos.
1988 Southeastern’s Metropolitan Center Athens Video Art.
In 1989 she is the honored guest of the 10th National Montpellier Video Festival, with her video-installation “The Phantasms of the Mediterranean or The Reflections of the Past”.
In 1990 she is invited at the Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporaine in Nice, France.
In 1993 she represents France in Rhodes, for the celebration of the foundation of the city of Rhodes – Rhodes 2400 Years – at the “Auberge de France” a Rhodes.
In 1994 after an invitation from the Ministry of Culture, she presents the multimedia art work “Byzantium” at the Old Fortress of Corfu taking advantage of the Presidency of Greece at the European Council.
In 1995 she is invited to present the multimedia art work “Byzantium”
at the Museum of Modern Art of Santiago in Chile.
In 1997 she is invited to present the video-installation “The Phantasms of the Mediterranean or The Reflections of the Past” at the Greek Cultural Institute of Berlin in Germany.
In 1998 the same installation is presented at the kiosk of the European Council in Lisbon, Portugal, and in 1999 at the 1st Bienalle of Electronic Media in Rome, Italy.
1999 1st Biennale Electronic Media. Video installation. International
Festival of Patras. Video installation-Steel and oil pastel works. Patras.
2000 Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki, Multimedia installation,
music by Haris Xanthoudakis – Andreas Mniestri.
2004 Numismatic Museum of Athens. Video installation, music by Haris Xanthoudakis. Athens.
In 2009 in the line of European Artist Exchange, she is invited to present the trilogy “Birth – Life – Death” which composed from three video installations, at the European Artists Center “Apollonia”, in Strasburg, France.
2010 Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete. the trilogy “Birth – Life – Death” Video installations, Rethymno, Crete.
2011 National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens. Video installation
“Invisible places-The Vast White”, music Andreas Mniestris. Athens. Museum of Contemporary Art in Rhodos, the trilogy “Birth – Life – Death” Video installations.
2012 National Archaeological Museum of Athens the Video installation “The
Phantasms of the Mediterranean or The Reflections of the Past”.
2013 the three channels installation “Invisible Places-The Vast White” was invited to the dedication for the “50 years of Video Art” by the International festival “Instants Video”, at Marseille Culture Capital of Europe.
2014 she present the video installation “The Phantasms of the Mediterranean or The Reflections of the Past” at the Kara Musa Pasha Mosque in Rethymno, and the three channels installation “Invisible Places-The Vast White” at the Ionian Parliament in Corfu.

Selection of Group Exhibitions

In 1971 Salon des artistes Francais, Paris.
In 1972 Exposition du groupe de
l’atelier de Pierre Matthey. Paris.
In 1973 9eme Grand prix de Peinture de la Cote
d’Azur. Special mention Salon international Paris-Sud, Paris.
In 1975 Exposition du groupe des artistes Grecs in “Greek Education Center”, Paris.
In 1976 Exposition de cinq artistes contemporains a la “Cite Internationale des arts” Paris.
In 1979 “FEMINIE DIALOGUE 1979” a l’UNESCO, Paris.
In 1981 Four Greeks artists SYMVOLY gallery, Athens.
In 1984 “ART FAIR 84” Athens “Analyses morphologiques, accumulation”, French institut of Athens.
In 1986 “Gallery F” ’10 Document. Video-Art, Athens Studio Videograph, Video-Art, Salonica Foundation “Vafopoulio” Video-Art, Salonica.
In 1987 28th Festival of Cinema
and Video, Salonica “Art and environment” Heraklion “Festival of video” French Institute of Athens.
In 1988 European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck “17+1” Municipal Gallery and MEDUSA ART GALLERY, Athens.
In 1989 Center of Contemporary art Ileana Tounta. Athens. Contemporary Greek Art and Technology. Kalamata. 4th International Festival Art and Technology of Patras. Video Art Festival of Heraklion.
In 1990 1st international Meeting Festivals of Video. Athens 2nd Biennal of Istanbul.
In 1992 “Metamorphoses of the modern”,National Gallery of Athens.
In 1993 “Video Art” Heraklion Gallery of “ARIA” Cefallonia Panorama Europeo del Video arte, Madrid “Eurometriki”, Athens.
In 1997 Rethymnon Center for Contemporary Art.
City Art Gallery. England “GREEK HORIZONS” Tullie House City Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle England.
In 1999 “GREEK HORIZONS” London Institute Gallery. London. England “To the Cross-roads of Crete” Chania “GREEK HORIZONS” University of ingston, England 3rd ESTET, 40th International Festival of Thessaloniki. Video installation.
In 2000 “Polygnotos” Gallery, Video installation,paintings. Heraklio, Crete.
In 2003 “OIKADE”, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete. Video installation. Rethymno, Crete.
In 2003 YIAYIANNOS Gallery,paintings. Mykonos.
In 2004 YIAYIANNOS Gallery, paintings. Athens. “Pariou Fotos Antidoron”, painting. Melina’s Center of Culture. Athens. YIAYIANNOS Gallery, paintings. Athens.
In 2005 “Pariou Fotos Antidoron”, European Consul, Brussel. Birdnvest,Borgloon, Belgium.
In 2006 “EGG’S ENCOMIUM”, video installation, music Theodore Lotis. Medusa Art Gallery. Athens.
In 2011 “ THE LADIES ARE SOUTING” Video installation, Municipality of Athens. “MetaPlastika Pedia” Video installation, “χΩρος 18” Thessaloniki. “9 Dimensions” oil pastels, “χΩρος 18”, Thessaloniki.
2013-2014 she participate at the exhibition “Myths, memories and mysteries : how artists respond to the past”, which was presented in England at the Scottish Historic Building Trust – Edinburgh, at the Bede’s World Museum, Church Bank – Jarrow, and at the Museum of Classical Archaeology – Cambridge. She has accomplished thirty six personal exhibitions in Greece, France, England, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Chile and she has participated in fifty eight group exhibitions in Greece, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and England. Her work is presented to all the Dictionary of Art, in 150 articles at Newspapers and journals, at TV and Radio emissions, as at Festivals in Greece and Abroad. She has been distinguished with awards for artistic interventions at Banks and Train Stations of Athens. She has participated numerous times as a member of the artistic critiques committees.

From 1980 until 2010 she served as the Artistic Manager of the Magazine “Archeology and Art” of the Journalistic Organization Lambrakis and partners of the Research Institute Lambraki.
In 2005 she was a guest tutor at the Athens School of Fine Arts.
From 2004 till 2014, she was teaching as Associate Professor and Head of the “Department of Audiovisual Arts” at the Ionian University.
Works of her art are located in Greece: at the Ministry of Culture, at the National Gallery, at the Nationale Museum of Contempory Art, at the Museum of Modern Art of Elizas and Vasilis Goulandris, at the Municipal Gallery of Rhodes, at the Museum of Contemporary of Crete, at the Municipality of Rhodes, at the Macedonean Museum of Modern Art, at the Museum of Byzantium Culture of Thessaloniki, at the Viannou Gallery in Crete, at the Gallery of Syros, at the collection of Harry Antoniou, at the collection of Perikli Sahini, at the collection K.Fix in Austria, at the collection of T. Karavia in New York and at others collections in Greece, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United States.

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